Beter Apps

In cooperation with Noordhoff Uitgevers, we've developed educative apps for Beter Spellen, Beter Rekenen, and NU Beter Engels. Brush up your knowledge of Dutch, math, and English by answering four questions per day. Download these apps for Android and iOS.

Beter Apps

We've also published our own apps for three related websites: NU Beter Duits (German for Dutch speakers), NU Beter Frans (French for Dutch speakers), and Beter Bijbel (Bible knowledge).


Stample lets you collect virtual stamps on your Android device. Build a collection of digital souvenirs from all over the world, or trade stamps with friends to help each other. It's easy, fun, and 100% free! Click to read more.


Out Now: Duits, Frans, Bijbel

We've developed and published three new Android/iOS apps in the "Beter" family.

  • NU Beter Duits (Android / iOS) helps Dutch speakers improve their knowledge of the German language.
  • NU Beter Frans (Android / iOS) does the same for the French language.
  • Beter Bijbel (Android / iOS) gives users daily questions to test their knowledge of the Bible.

We will continue updating these apps over time. Meanwhile, we are starting our own game project of which we can hopefully show more next year. Stay tuned!


Out Now: Three New "Beter" Apps

As of today, three of our new apps are available for Android and iOS devices.

The "Beter" family of websites is a set of educative Dutch websites that lets users train their skills in topics such as Dutch spelling (Beter Spellen), math (Beter Rekenen), and English (NU Beter Engels). Every weekday, users can fill in a small test that consists of four questions. receive a small test of four questions per day.

For the three websites mentioned just now, we have developed apps that provide a more convenient way to fill in these daily tests on mobile devices. The three apps are maintained by us and published by Noordhoff Uitgevers. Check 'em all out on the Google Play Store and App Store!


Updates on the "Beter" Apps

Hello! During the past year, we have been working hard on various updates for the Beter Afrikaans app. Version 1.3, which features an upgraded menu and push notifications, is currently available. We are about to release version 1.4, in which users can share their scores on social media.

Next to this, we have been developing apps for Beter Spellen, Beter Rekenen, and NU Beter Engels-- three Dutch websites that (respectively) help you brush up your Dutch, math, and English. These apps will be published by Noordhoff Uitgevers, one of the country's leading publishers of schoolbooks and other educative material.

We'll get back to you when the release is official!


Out Now: Beter Afrikaans

The Beter Afrikaans app is now available for Android and iOS. Download it by clicking the buttons below.

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store

There's more coming up; we'll tell you about it soon!


Coming Soon: Beter Afrikaans

We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Beter Afrikaans to develop an app in which users can easily perform the daily tests of the Beter Afrikaans website.

The app will be available soon on both iOS and Android-- that's right, it'll be cross-platform! We're vastly approaching the beta phase; the first version is expected to launch within months.


Stample has arrived!

Hooray! As of today, our app Stample is available in the Dutch Google Play Store.

The (Dutch) trailer below explains Stample in under 1 minute:


Coming Soon: Stample

It's almost time! After lots of blood, sweat, and tears (but mostly sweat), we are nearly ready to show Stample to the world.

Stample is a location-based treasure hunt in which you collect stamps by visiting interesting real-world locations, such as big cities or famous landmarks. Customize your stamps, learn more about the locations' histories, view your stamps on an interactive map, trade them with friends, obtain achievements, and try to be better than everyone else!

The app is available in Dutch and in English, but we will begin by kicking off in the Netherlands. If many players show their love and support, we may be able to go global!

Visit the Stample website for more information.

Keep your eyes peeled on either of these pages for a release date. :)

About us

We are Orange Gears, a duo of app/game developers in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We started creating games together as Computer Science students, many years ago. Today, we combine our part-time jobs with our own projects.

Our first app, Stample, was released in the Netherlands in Spring 2014. Since then, we have been developing educative apps for Beter Spellen and for other websites in the "Beter" family.

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